Chakra Opening and Healing


Do chakras really exist?

Are they simply the flights of fancy or do they have some real substance in them?

How to know?

What do you think?

What do the culture and the tradition tell us about it?

Conventional literature on chakras is full of all esoteric and mystical claims in an unconvincingly authoritative way. Sounds like they are talking of another world altogether that you and I do not seem to have any real connection with!

How to know?

Experience it!


But if the process of experiencing is too tedious, you won't feel like undergoing it. After all you have other things to do in life too!

What's the use?


That sounds okay, but what's the way?

Okay, let me define chakras the way I experienced them shredded of all their mysticism they are shrouded in, and grounding them in real physical terms of muscular biology.

Chakras are energy vortices in the body, in which the energy gets trapped like a whirlwind. The flow of energy is held ineffective by the rigid muscular armor that keeps them blocked at those points.


Now, what energy is this?

It's the energy that gives us life. It's the energy that makes us interested in whatever is there in front of us. It's the energy that makes us interact with the world around in its totality in the most joyful way.

It simply is. And it's dynamic. It enters the body and then leaves it only to re-enter and thus close the loop. Just like the flow of electricity!

Don't you find some people more energetic than the rest around them? They might be quite lean and frail but still, they are energetic. It doesn't have to do anything with their body structure or strength.

They simply don't stop the flow of energy through their body; or do so less than the rest.


What stops the flow of energy through the body that renders us lethargic?

These are chakras or energy vortices only, where energy gets trapped in a whirl and stopped from moving further due to the rigidity of the musculature at those points in the body. So the flow of energy gets disrupted.

Not only the flow of energy gets disrupted, but also the posture of the body gets distorted at those very points where the chakras are formed. Simply because of the muscles getting habitually contracted over there!

That is what results in a slouch at different points through the length of the body and a shrinkage on the lips and in the eyes as well as a habitually wrong positioning of the two jaws in relation with each other.

The lips lose their natural smile whereas the eyes lose their natural luster and go lifeless.


Once we stretch those points and remove the muscle contractions over there, the chakras immediately get opened and hence dissolved. Energy immediately starts flowing uninterrupted through those points.

But old habits die hard. We tend to fall back to the same old body posture and the same old face expression. After all it gives us a safe cozy corner we have been accustomed of living in all through our life!

Our job is simply to identify those rigid muscular armors in the body and on the face; and then stretch them open. It feels uneasy in the beginning but with the help of will (not will-power!) and intention one can always make this new body posture and this new face expression one's first nature again.

Why did I use the word 'again'? Was this posture ever right in the past? As a child? As an animal? Before the evolution turned us into a two-legged creature from a four-legged one?

Come down on your fours and test it for yourself. Then come further down on your knees and elbows. You will feel more relaxed simply because your body gets naturally stretched and the posture gets more grounded and hence balanced.

After all you always stretch your body whenever you feel tired. Don't you?

Energy relaxes.


Coming up on twos from down on all fours was an evolutionary process. And the fact is that the process has not yet been completed. We have not yet learnt how to be on our twos in the right, scientific way.

We had it (the right posture) as our first nature as animals. We have to learn it 'again' to make it our first nature while we are on our twos today.


Do I mean to say that animals have all their chakras open?

Yes, but not all, only the first five ones. Being on all fours puts their head in such a precarious posture as always keeps their last two chakras, viz. the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, closed for good. They simply can’t do anything with them. That's why animals can never smile even.

But we humans can do something with all the seven chakras and that's what gives us an opportunity to go beyond the mere biological (animal) level of existence to a super-human one.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be calling it 'super-human'. Rather what we are living now is sub-human and if we are able to complete the process of evolution, we'll in fact become real humans.

Let's move on to the journey of opening all these chakras one by one:


The first, namely the root-chakra is located on the pelvis in between the genitals and the anus where the first muscular rigidity of the body takes its toll on the position of the hips.


The second chakra, namely the sacral-chakra, is located 2 inches below the naval where another muscle rigidity gives a slouch to the lower back.


The third one is the solar-plexus-chakra located above the diaphragm, which gives a slouch to the upper back.


The fourth chakra, i.e., the heart-chakra located on the second vertebra gives the first slouch to the shoulders.


The fifth one is the throat-chakra located on the throat gives the second slouch to the shoulders, and a habitual bend to the neck stopping the head from being held high.


Then comes the turn of the third-eye-chakra located between the two eyebrows, that gives the first shrinkage to the lips and to the eyes distorting the positioning of the jaws and hence, generating all the vision problems.


Last comes the crown-chakra located on the top of the head, giving the second shrinkage to the lips and to the eyes further distorting the positioning of the jaws and hence, further generating more vision problems.


There lies another less important chakra called the bindu-chakra located at the back of the head that, in fact, is the animal alternative to the crown chakra.


What is known as chakra-meditation is in fact concerned with opening-chakras one by one gaining physical (including visual), mental and spiritual health through chakra-healing so that chakra-energy doesn't get trapped in the energy whirlwind. This is exactly what awakening kundalini-chakra means, i.e., achieving a clear path for energy to move through chakra-system of meditation.

There is a connection between sex and the chakras too that tells about the relationship between the indomitable energy of sex and the energy trapped in the whirlwind that the chakras are. It certainly has its effect on the quality of sex we human beings are involved in as the most pulling force on earth.

But the most wonderful thing about all these chakras is that each one of them does have its negative effect on the human eye vision (as opposed to the animal eye vision) and opening even a single one of them has a healing effect on eyes.

Vision therapy does exactly that only, and that too, instantaneously!



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