GDx Eye Test

GDx Nerve Fiber Analyzer


GDx eye test detects glaucoma at an earlier stage even when it has shown no symptoms in the early stages.

Glaucoma normally doesn't give you any warning signal. And by the time you come to notice a significant loss in your peripheral vision, it has already done a permanent damage to a considerable extent.

An increase in the intra-ocular pressure (IOP) to such levels as start damaging the optic nerve, is responsible for going on decreasing the peripheral vision to the point of total blindness in the end.

But 50 percent of glaucoma patients do not have high or abnormal pressure results at all!

So they can't be identified only, in the beginning stage in the first place!

For them there seems to be no hope but for blindness, whether partial or total!

Not any more now!

GDx eye test can detect glaucoma before you begin to lose your sight; and hence you can start the treatment immediately in order to check the growth right over there itself.

In GDx eye test, an infrared laser measures the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer that tells if any structural damage to the eye has yet been done or not.

GDx eye test is a comfortable, in-office procedure taking only 3 minutes in all and does not require pupil dilation or any other debilitating procedure of the sort.

The GDx eye test analyzes 65,536 points in less than a second!

Then it compares these results with a data bank and/or the patient's previous data.

Previously, loss of peripheral vision as measured by a visual field test was one of the earliest detectable signs of glaucoma.

By that time, up to 50% of nerve fibers had already been lost and, on the top of it, the damage was irreversible!

Hence GDx eye test has come as a boon to those susceptible to glaucoma, who used to feel helpless before.

But there is another ray of hope for them too. In the words of the famous American ophthalmologist Dr. W.H.Bates:

"Not only do all errors of refraction and all functional disturbances of the eye disappear when it sees by central fixation, but many organic conditions are relieved or cured."

"I am unable to set any limits to its possibilities."

"I would not have ventured to predict that glaucoma, incipient cataract and syphilitic iritis could be cured by central fixation; but It is a fact that these conditions have disappeared when central fixation was attained."

"Relief was often obtained in a few minutes, and, in rare cases, this relief was permanent. Usually, however, a permanent cure required more prolonged treatment."

"Inflammatory conditions of all kinds, including inflammation of the cornea, iris, conjunctiva, the various coats of the eyeball and even the optic nerve itself, have been benefited by central fixation after other methods had failed."

Vision therapy is currently working on these lines only, in order to restore the vision already lost due to it, or preventing it through third eye opening - which is another name for central fixation of the eye but achieved in a biologically more objective and hence, a very quick way.

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