Rapid Eye Movement


Nystagmus turns the voluntary muscles of the eye involuntary effectively!

How will you feel if you are never able to sit at one single place for even a few seconds?

Absolutely restless!

The same do the eyes!

They are never at rest.

The motor control system pertaining to the eye is affected.


Nobody knows!

I'll try to figure it out with you and me.

The eyes never stay at one single point for even one single second! Hence the vision gets affected to the point of turning it partially blind through seriously reducing the depth of vision as well as the eye-body coordination.


Credit: National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Look, our mind also never stays at rest for even one single second!

Shall I call it the nystagmus of the mind?

I'm not kidding. I'm pretty serious.

But mind has no muscles, whether voluntary or involuntary!

It must be using the muscles of the body then!

Can I decide to stop all the muscles - of course the voluntary ones - of my body for at least some duration of time?

As they are!

Am I not doing away with the nystagmus of the body?

Does it do anything to the nystagmus of the mind?

Check it for yourself. It tends to stop it!

And to the nystagmus of the eyes?!

It tends to stop that also....at least for that much duration of time!

We got a EUREKA into it!

But the moment body comes back to its normal (?) dynamic posture, nystagmus in the eye is back too!

O my God, what to do?


Credit: National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Something is there very seriously wrong somewhere in the dynamic posture of the body.

Whatever this wrong is, is obstructing the normal (!) working of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems; and hence everything goes hay-wire, nystagmus being but one single manifestation of it.

This wrong is to be turned right, and everything falls in place....all the pieces of jig-saw puzzle fit into each other right!

That's what third eye opening does to us, and vision therapy deals with all such problems through opening the third eye turning the dynamic posture of the body right.

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