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Online eye exam absolves you of the cumbersome need of printing, maintaining and storing a host of eye charts in your drawers or cupboards.

If one is available on computer screen, nothing like that!

There is many an online eye exam available on the net.

What I did for your convenience is that I chose the best of the breed and presented it here, all under one roof!

Here is an astigmatism test available:


Online Astigmatism Test

If some areas of the image appear lighter or blurrier than some other ones, you may have astigmatism.

There is another online eye test namely the blindspot test:


Blindspot Test

In the above online eye exam, there are two purple dots.

Stare at one dot and close the other eye.

Using your peripheral vision, look at the other dot.

Slowly move back...

At a certain point, one of the dots will disappear!

Here is

the online colorblind test:


Online Colorblind Test

A color blind person may not see the digit 8 in the online eye exam picture above.

Then there is a beautiful online eye test that requires:

1) you must have either a 15", 17", or 19" monitor

2) you must have flash plugin for it to work

There are a few tips that should make this online eye exam more accurate:

1) have someone measure out the correct length that you should sit back at

2) keep a 1/4" black border around your screen monitor by using the monitor buttons

3) try not to squint

4) when you can no longer read more than half the words on a line, press stop

But the best online eye exam that I ever came across is Alejandro Saksida's Ultimate Random Snellen Eye Chart Generator.

In Alejandro's own words:

"Use (both on-line and off-line):"

"Load (need Flash player for this, you can download it from Macromedia's site or just try accessing the Snellen card, if you don't have the plug-in, automatically it'll take you where you can download the Flash Player)."

"A Snellen Card is something that gets old after some time if you have a specific one. This starts to become a problem when you remember every line without even looking at it. That happened to me more than once, limiting and falsifying my advance, that's why I've created this random letter Snellen chart. This chart not only generates random snellen charts but also Landolt C's, Tumbling 'E's and Pictures in different flavors."

The advance that Alejandro is talking about is an effort to improve his vision through using an eye chart and noting down a slow improvement in it, if at all!

Only if he knew about the instantaneous vision therapy through opening third eye chakra!

I have already conveyed it to him, but alas! We two live in the two remotest parts of the world from each other! He lives in Argentina and I, in India. See, when we can meet!

I highly recommend either using as online eye exam or downloading and printing Alejandro's online eye chart better known as Alejandro Saksida's Ultimate Random Snellen Eye Chart Generator.

Keep visiting this page or bookmark it in order to find out what other sources of online eye exam I keep adding to it for your convenience from time to time.

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