Sex and The Chakra


What relation can be there in between sex and the chakra energy?

Both are somehow connected with energy.

Sex releases energy.

Chakra blocks energy.

Why do we need releasing energy through sex?

Simply because it is blocked by the chakra!

Any natural phenomenon, when blocked, generates tension leading to illness in the body and the mind.

Blocked energy generates tension.

Sex and The Chakra

Isn't sex-urge a kind of tension like hunger and thirst, like defecating and urinating?

Though all these biological tensions are quite sweet in nature.

Just because they can be satiated, and hence, released easily!

Their very release generates joy!

Sex and The Chakra

But imagine that you are hungry and haven't got anything to eat for the past 5 days.

What will your condition be?

Certainly, you will be living a hell.

Simply because the tension is getting blocked and its pressure is going on increasing with the passage of time!

You will go mad.

Sex and The Chakra

The blockage of energy is pain.

The release of energy is joy.

The bigger the blockage, the bigger the burst of release, and hence, the bigger the burst of joy resulting in a fuller orgasm.

But the condition is that the blockages at the root chakra and at the sacral chakra should fully be released, although temporarily only!

Sex and The Chakras

That is only possible when the blockages at the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, and the throat chakra also get released simultaneously, although temporarily only.

That means all the animal chakras should release their blockages temporarily if sex is to be a really joyful event.That's how sex and the chakra are connected working in harmony with each other.

If the blockages don't release themselves fully, the burst of energy will be a little one and the joy, a meager one resulting in premature ejaculation. Here sex and the chakra don't support each other harmoniously.

If the blockages go even more obstinate, they won't allow their release at all resulting in impotence or ejaculatory incompetence in men and frigidity, vaginismus or orgasmic dysfunction in women. Here sex and the chakra go outright against each other and obstruct their ways.

Now, what happens when all the chakras are opened permanently?

There are no blockages anywhere anymore now!

Sex and the chakra go redundant now.

What will the shape of sex be then?

It will be a state of perennial joy, not as a burst of sexual orgasm but slow and gradual in a continuous manner.

It is because energy is continuously entering the body through the root chakra and, unobstructed by any chakra on the way, gets released through the crown chakra, thus closing the loop and making it a continuous stream of joy every single moment.

Life starts spelling JOY!

Sex and The Chakra

Why will such a person go for sex then?

S/he doesn't need it anymore but if s/he comes to it, s/he will prove to be the best lovemaking partner on earth!

Will s/he come to it?

Will s/he interact with the opposite sex?

Why not? In fact, more - without any walls in between!

Sex and The Chakras

S/he doesn't need sex but s/he loves interaction, and sex is very much a part of spontaneous interaction with the opposite sex!

S/he will simply turn the release of her/his energy toward the root chakra temporarily, and for as much time as desired!

Her/his eyes will simply be sparkling with love for her/his partner.

No problem of premature ejaculation!

That will be the real human sex!

What we do now, is petty animal sex only!

Vision therapy connects sex and the chakra as well. It not only goes for opening chakra of a particular place in the body, but for opening all the 7 chakras through a very subtle on-off switch in the body in one single go, since they are all connected anatomically as well as physiologically.

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